Mid Summer's Eve by Rosewood Manor

My friend Shaleen suggested to add Mid Summer's Eve by Rosewood Manor in our 2022 rotation. 

I am so glad she did because I am sincerely in awe of this pattern, the exquisite subtle color variations and delicacy of the design transports me to a different time in history.  Definitely outside of my comfort zone which is what 2022 is about.

 I have selected the following supplies pert chart instructions:
28 Ct. Memory from Picture This Plus (PTP)
Weeks Dye Works - King Mackerel #1152 (2 Skeins)
Weeks Dye Works - Honeysuckle #1108 (2 Skeins)
Weeks Dye Works - Chablis #1139 (1 Skein)
Weeks Dye Works - Cornsilk #1123 (7 Skeins)
Weeks Dye Works - Peach Fuzz #1129 (2 Skeins)
Weeks Dye Works - Parchment #1110 (5 Skeins)

 Progress and Impressions: 
14th - 17th February 2022: Stitching this piece is a joy and hard work. This piece is going to challenge me! The letters are a piece of art in design and color variations, but it is so subtle that who would think that there are 7 colors in the letter A? not me. 

This piece didn't make it until the end of the week, by Friday morning I needed a break. I am used to stitching in lighter fabrics, and I have to fully concentrate and pay attention on where I put my needle. My eyes were tired by the end of the day on Thursday. In overall I feel very accomplished with my progress. 

Happy Stitching!


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