Monthly Lace Tea Cup Collection by Punochka


I have started a new monthly series: Lace Tea Cup Collection by Punochka

It is a sweet collection where it's patter is bought separately. Each month has a cute design surrounded by delicate lace. The patterns are very easy to read and follow. 

 I have selected the following Supplies:
25 count  3835 Lugana Zweigart Color 779 
Anchor  00001  White
DMC Thread - I have followed the pattern

Progress and Impressions: 
 January 2022: The lace pattern looks complicated however, once I concentrated in what I was doing, it was not as hard as it looks. I stitched this pattern in an afternoon, very slowly. I am hooked to this lovely patterns. 

 February 2022: I stitched the February tea cup in January right after the January tea Cup.  Looking at the pictures, I made a mistake. I was too concentrated in following the pattern that I did not realize that I needed to stitch part of the lace design with one strand for the very delicate look. I will have 2 tea cups with to strands and 10 with one and two strands.  They still look beautiful. 

Happy Stitching!


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