Annual Flea Market Baskets Annual Stitch - Along 2022

I am so glad some quilt patterns are converted into cross stitch. Flea Market Basket not only is a beauty to quilt but also to stitch. It is the new Stitch Along design by Lori Holt from Bee in my Bonnet and presented by The Fat Quarter Shop. 

The great news is that it is a yearly Stitch Along which is a fantastic option because this pattern is 183 x 183. It is not a small task to achieve however, by stitching it during the year a portion at a time, it is very achievable without being overwhelming

My color and brad name thread choices are a mixture of DMC (Cotton)  and NPI (silk) in grey, pink and metallic in 16 count Antique White Aida from Zweigart. I will be posting the colors as I stitch along. 

For more information about the Annual Stitch Along and supplies recommended go to the following links:

Happy Stitching!!


Progress and Impressions: 
 January - Flea Market Star Block: This block has been a joy to stitch and very easy. Stitching with DMC Diamant thread was the hardest part as it tends to unravel a bit. I used one strand of thread because I didn't want to overwhelm the piece.
Thread used:
DMC 605 - soft pink
DMC 603 - dark pink
D168 - DMC Diamant
NPI 461 - Delft Blue Range (Soft Grey)
NPI 965 - Dapple Gray Range (Dark Grey)
❤ February -  Churndash Border
I have truly enjoyed this section. I did not select in advance the colors I wanted to use. I knew I wanted it monochromatic in the grey range.
As I was stitching the Churndash I decided to keep them very simple and not follow the chart. I just stitched a single basic stitch in the middle of the Churndash with NPI 965.
It has been a very fast stitch, in one afternoon.
Thread used:
DMC 605 - soft pink
NPI 672 - Pearl Grey Range
NPI 961- Dapple Grey Range
NPI 963 - Dapple Grey Range
NPI 964 - Dapple Grey Range
NPI 965 - Dapple Grey Range
NPI 742 - French Blue Range
D225 - DMC Diamant Thread
D317 - DMC Diamant Thread
❤ March - Inner Gingham Background
The stitching this month was long, it was fully coverage, not difficult just loooong. Thank G-d this part is done.  I have followed the Tan Color thread selection described in the pattern. Thank G-d this part is done. 
Thread used:
DMC 3033 Light Tan 
DMC 3782 Dark Tan
Anchor 0001 White

❤ April - Top Baskets

❤ May - Right Side Baskets

❤ June - Bottom Baskets

❤ July - Left Side Baskets

❤ August - Outer Gingham Background and Stitched Border

❤ September - Top Primrose Border

❤ October - Right Side Primrose Border

❤ November -  Bottom Primrose s Border

❤ December - Left Side Primrose Border